The 110th Annual Assembly will begin on Tuesday, August 18th at 6:30 PM and will conclude Sunday, August 23rd immediately following the afternoon session.

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Broadcasting of each session will begin immediately following the preliminary music. Each session's end time is subject to change without notice to adjust to program changes as well as the moving of the Spirit of God.

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The Purpose and Authority of the General Assembly

While the General Assembly provides a forum for worship, fellowship, and unity of Spirit, its chief purpose is business, both doctrinal and practical. From the beginning it has been the expressly stated purpose of the Assembly to search the Scriptures for additional light and knowledge.

The Assembly in Photographs

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Facilities at Ridgecrest

The Annual Assembly will be held at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, North Carolina.

Lodging Accomodations

Ridgecrest Conference Center offers several lodging accomodations at its facility. Reserve your room for the Assembly today!

Travel Information

Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ridgecrest Conference Center is conveniently located in Black Mountain, NC off of Exit 66 on I-40.

Local Cuisine

Ridgecrest Conference Center offers many dining opportunities on its campus. This benefit allows delegates to enjoy meals and fellowship on the same campus as the auditorium.

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In the News

Assistance Requested for National Overseers

Assistance Requested for National Overseers

Due to the magnitude of the upcoming Assembly, financial assistance is requested to bring in all of the National Overseers.

Register for the General Assembly Choir

Register for the General Assembly Choir

Assembly delegates are invited to participate in the first General Assembly Mass Choir.

Information Regarding Assembly WMB Fellowship

Information Regarding Assembly WMB Fellowship

Make plans today to attend the Women's Missionary Band Ladies' Fellowship at the General Assembly.

The Church to Erect Monument in the Holy Land

The Church to Erect Monument in the Holy Land

The Cleveland Daily Banner reports on the highlights of the 108th Annual Assembly.